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Frequently Asked Questions

We have steady shipping supplier to ensure our products be delivered worldwide, and we have warehouse located in HK, USA at the moment, we'll choose UPS, EMS, DHL or Air Mail via the products you ordered, also you can Contact Us if you have any request about shipping. Generally, we'll dispatch out your order in 1-2 days after your payment, and you'll receive our confirming mail including tracking number after our dispatching. Please do not worry about any customs and other fare, all kinds of fare is included in your carriage, if you meet any other fees, please Contact Us after received your products.

How do you send payment?

After enjoy shopping in our website, you may just click the button "Add to Cart", then you will be directed to complete the payment step by step.

1) Payments are highly recommended to send through Paypal. Advantages using Paypal over other payment methods:
a.Payment is traceable. You can track the status of your payment.
b.It is quick and convenient to proceed the transaction.
c.You can use your credit card online through Paypal without Paypal account.
d.It offers Paypal Buyer Protection on qualifying items ? up to $ 1,000 in free coverage. Additional limited protection is offered through Paypal's Money Back Guarantee.

2) We also accept money order/ check. (Please note that items paid by money order/check will only be sent out after the check has been cashed, which usually takes about 7-10 business days.)** You MUST contact us before sending out your money order/check.

3) Cash payment and COD ( cash on delivery )are not available.

How to deal with backorders?

We reserve the possibility that some products may become out of stock in a short period of time. We will contact you immediately by email if this happened. If you have confirmed that you are able to wait for the order, we will send the backorder to you when it is in stock . If not, we will issue a full refund at once. (It will take at least 2 weeks to process the refund if your order is paid by Money Order/Check)

Please note that we reserve the rights to issue a full refund without any notice if we receive no response from you after 14 days.

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